Journal of Occupational Health Vol.38 No.1 January 1996


Review Pathophysiology of Vibration-Induced White Finger and Safety Levels for Hand-Transmitted Vibration...Inaba R. et al.

In Vitro Solubility and In Vivo Toxicity of Indium Phosphide...Kabe I. et al.

Change in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Clinical Signs in a Case of Chronic Toluene Intoxication by Sniffing...Aiba I. et al.

A Standardization Method for Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia at Supine Rest as an Index of Cardiac Parasympathetic Activity Using Breathing Frequency...Kageyama T. et al.

Measurement of the CD3-4+ Variant T Cell Frequency by Flow Cytometry after X-Irradiation on Mice...Kunugita N. et al.

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Acute and Subacute Inhalation Toxicity of Highly Purified Phosphine(PH3) in Male ICR Mice...Omae K. et al.

Short Communications

Cross-Linking of Ovalbumin or Neurofilament Proteins by Allyl Chloride In Vitro...Nagano M. et al.

Circadian Blood Pressure Rhythm in Shift Workers : Study on Blood Pressure Reduction during Sleep...Kobayashi T. et al.