Journal of Occupational Health Vol.38 No.3 July 1996

Review Chemical-Related Interference of Bile Acid Transport in Hepatocytes...Bai C.-L.

A Preliminary Analysis of Technology Transfer and Occupational Safety and Health in Vietnam...Matsuda S. et al

A Standardization Method for Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Using Breathing Frequency(the 2nd Report): Effenciency of Assessing Changes in Cardiac Parasympathetic Activity with Posture...Kageyama T. et al.

Liver Function Tests of Workers Exposed to Toluene and Toluene/Dimethylformamide at Low Concentrations...Wang D.-H. et al.

Short Communications

A New Method for Detection of Mercury-Bound Protein With a Combination of Gel Electrophoresis and One Dimentional Synchorotron Radiation X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis...Homma-Takeda S. et al.

Indirect Consultation of Family and Staff in Workplace for Identified Patients with Schizophrenia...Ito H. et al.

Case Stydy Multiple Brain Calcification in Chronic Lead Poisoning...Kim J. Y. et al.
Field Studies

Use of Water-Based Solvent Preparations in Factories in Japan...Ukai. H. et al.

Determination of Pollutants in the Air of Textile Industries...Rimatori V. et al.

Brief Introduction to Occupational Exposure Limits in Japan ...Sakurai H.
Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits(1996-1997)