Journal of Occupational Health Vol.38 No.4 October 1996


Risk Evaluation of Environmental Carcinogens...Sato S.

Carbon Disulfide Poisoning in Korea with Social and Historical Background...Lee E. et al.

Organic Solvents and the Kidney...Mutti A.

The Role of Biomarkers in Detecting Early Changes Relating to Exposure to Occupational Carcinogens...Shaham J. et al.


Evidence for an Acceleration of Programmed Cell Death in Bronchiolar Epithelium after Exposure to O,O,S-Trimethyl Phosphorothioate...Koizumi A. et al.

Leg Swelling during Continuous Standing and Sitting Work without Restricting Leg Movement...Seo A. et al.

Effects of Low-Does Solvents on the Blood of Art Restorers...Tomei F. et al.

Short Communication A Simple Method for Calculating the Exact Confidence Interval of the Standardized Mortality Ratio with an SAS Function...Sun J. et al.
Field Study A Survey of Blood Pressure in Cadmium-Exposed Workers...Zhang G. et al.
Opinions...... From "Occupational Medicine" to "Occupational Health"...Perbellini L.
Rapid Communication Testicular Toxicity of 2-Bromopropane...Ichihara G. et al.
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