Journal of Occupational Health Vol.39 No.4 October 1997


Reviews Trichloroethylene Induced Cancer in Animals and Its Relevance to Humans...Green T.

A Research in the Effects of Active Listening on Corporate Mental Health Training...Kubota S. et al.

The Relationship between the White Blood Cell Count and Cigarette Smoking among Japanese Males...Momose Y. et al.

A Meta-Analysis on the Relationship between Pneumoconiosis and Lung Cancer...Tsuda T. et al.

Trends in Major Occupational Injuries in Different Industrial Divisions in Taiwan during 1983-1993...Chang Y.-C. et al.

A Retrospective Cohort Study on Digestive Cancer in the Rubber Tire Industry in Shanghai...Chen J. et al.

Pulmonary Function in Jute Dust-Exposed Workers: A Dose-Response Relationship...Chen J. et al.

Effects of Styrene on Peripheral Nerve Conduction Velocities in Rats...Yamamoto T. et al.

Cancer Mortality among Carbon Workers in China: Retrospective Cohort Study...Liu N. et al.

Validation of a Self-Administered Questionnaire on Asthmatic Symptoms and Atopy in House Painters...Wieslander G. et al.

Short Communications

Diabetes Screening Tests for Workers in Fasting and Casual Conditions...Mizoue T. et al.

Partition Coefficients and Hepatic Metabolism in vitro of 1- and 2-Bromopropanes...Kaneko T. et al.

Respiratory Diseases and Working in a Copper or an Aluminium Product Plant:
A Case Control Study by Using Medical Records...Kabe I. et al.

Field Study Assessment of Workers' Exposure to Antimony Trioxide in Korea...Kim K.-W. et al.
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