Journal of Occupational Health Vol.40 No.1 January 1998


Reviews Minamata Disease from the Viewpoint of Occupational Health...Nomura S. et al.

Assessment of Peripheral, Central and Autonomic Nervous System Functions in Two Lead Smelters with High Blood Lead Concentrations: A Follow-Up Study...Fujimura Y. et al.

Relationship between Body Weight and Somatological Factors by Sex and Age...Fukuda Y. et al.

Onset of Peptic Ulcer and Its Relation to Work-Related Factors and Life Events: A Prospective Study...Sugisawa A. et al.

Screening of Helicobacter Pylori Ingection in the Health Examination Detected by Urea Breath Test and Barium Meal Study...Yamasawa F. et al.

Afternoon Exercise Improves the Quality of Night Sleep: A Case Study Observed by EEG and Self-Rating Scale...Sasazawa Y. et al.

Dermal and Bronchial Responsiveness of Aluminium Smelter Workers...Hosovski E. et al.

The Effects of Allyl Chloride on Ca2+, Ca2+-Free CaM, cAMP and Ca2+/CaM-PK II Activity in Nerve Cells...Xie, K. et al.

Gender and Hierarchical Differences in Lead-Contaminated Japanese Bone from the Edo Period...Nakashima T. et al.

Formaldehyde Exposure and Low Birth Weight Incidence...Grazuleviciene R. et al.

Biological Monitoring of Inorganic Mercury in Workers in a Fluorescent Lamp Plant...Iden M. et al.

Occupational Exposure to Vibration and Ischemic Heart Disease...Tamaian L.-D. et al.

Short Communications

Relation between Polymorphism of -Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase and Some Parameters in Lead Workers...Zhang J. et al.

Toxicity of Fire Decomposition Products of New Fire Extinguishing Agent, 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane...Omae K. et al.

Case Study Nephropaty in Chronic Lead Poisoning...Kim J. Y. et al.
Field Study Cholinesterase Status of Some Ethiopian State Farm Workers Exposed to Organophosphate Pesticides...Lakew K. et al.
Occupational Health/Safety in the World Occupational Medicine in France: A Perspective at the Fiftieth Anniversary of Medicine du Travail...Libert B. et al.