Occupational Exposure to Vibration and Ischemic Heart Disease



Luciana-Daniela TAMAIAN, et al

Pneumoconiosis Lab., Mining Institute. Ciuj-Napoca

Raynaud phenomenon, Ischemic heart disease, Vibration and ischemic heart disease L.-D. Tamaian, Pneumoconiosis Lab. Mining Institute, Cluj-Napoca, Str. Cipariu ur. 11,B1. B1. Et. 4 Ap. 7, 3400-Cluj-Napoca, Romania
J Occup Healthyear1998Vol40No173-76

150 miners working in an ore mining area were investigated to evaluate the prevalence of ischemic heart disease. They were assigned to three groups: 50 subjects exposed to vibration with signs of Raynaud phenomenon, 50 with similar exposure without Raynaud phenomenon, and the other 50, who were not exposed, representing the control group. The three groups were matched in terms of age, food habits, and hereditary risk factors for ischemic heart disease, smoking habits, lipemia, and blood cholesterol levels. In the group exposed to vibration, the prevalence of ischemic heart disease was 11% and in controls 6% (p=0.35). The presence or absence of Raynaud phenomenon did not significantly influence the prevalence of ischemic heart disease in the group of subjects exposed to vibration.


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