Journal of Occupational Health Vol.41 No.2 April1999



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Metabolism of Terbufos in Rat Liver...Li J.-T. et al.

The Present Relationship between Japanese Workers' Health Status and Lifestyle...Sakurada I. et al.

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Recent Trends in Homepages of Occupational Health Journals on the Internet...Kamibeppu Y. et al.

Self-Reported Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms in Sewage Workers...Friis L. et al.

Positron Emission Tomography(PET) in Differentiating Manganism from Idiopathic Parkinsonism...Kim Y. et al.

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An Analytical Study on Gender Differences in Self-Reported Oral Health Care and Problems of Japanese Employees...Kawamura M. et al.

Possible Effects of Drinking and Smoking Habits on Hippuric Acid Levels in Urine of Adults with No Occupational Toluene Exposure...Alvarez-Leite E. M. et al.

Analysis of Japanese Occupational Health Services for Small- and Medium-scale Enterprises in Comparison with the Finnish System...Mizoue T. et al.

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