Journal of Occupational Health Vol.41 No.3 July1999



Differences in Lifestyle-related Risk Factors for Death by Occupational Groups;
A Prospective Study...Hara M. et al.

Effects of Cytokines induced by Mineral Dust on Lung Fibroblasts In Vitro...Zhou L. R. et al.

Effect of simulataneous exposure to methanol and toluene vapor on their metabolites in rats...Hori H. et al.

Content and cross validity of the Todai Health Index depression scale in relation to the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale and the Zung Self-rating Depression Scale...Kawada T. et al.

Preventive Effects on Low Back Pain and Occupational Injuries by Providing the Participatory Occupational Safety and Health Program...Koda S. et al.

Different Effect of Serum Iron Status on the Relationship between Blood Lead and Zinc Protoporphyrin in Lead Workers in Korea...Ahn H.-C. et al.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Acrylonitrile Poisoning:A Clinical Study of 144 Cases...Chen Y. et al.

Effect of Electromagnetic Field on Serum Biochemical Parameters in Steelworkers...Kula B. et al.

Short Communications N-Acetylcysteine Fails to Protect Rats from Acrylamide Neurotoxicity...Wispriyono.B. et al.
Field Study Postural Analysis of Four Jobs on two Building Construction Sites: an experience of using OWAS method in Taiwan...Li K.W. et al.
Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limis(1999-2000)