Journal of Occupational Health Vol.41 No.4 October 1999


Rapid Communication Environmental Pollution and Skin Involvement Pattern of Chronic Arsenicosis in Bangladesh...Milton A. H. et al.

A Modified Photostress Test among Video Display Terminal Workers in a Certain Governmental Company in Jakarta...FX. Suharyanto Halim et al.

Burnout and Related Factors among Hospital Nurses...Higashiguchi K. et al.

Inquiry into Occurrence of Byssinosis in Jute Mill Workers...Chattopadhyay B. P. et al.

Correlation between Vibraton Induced White Finger and Hearing Loss in Miners...Szanto Cs. et al.

Unexpected natural Death among Korean Workers...Park J. et al.

Seasonal Variation in Sudden Death among Japanese Workers: Why are There Peaks in Spring and Winter?...Hoshuyama T. et al.

Silicon Carbide Induced Pneumoconiosis: A Microscopic and Biochemical Experimental Study...Petran M. et al.

Short Communications

The Combined Effects of Hand-Arm Vibration and Noise on Autonomic Nervous Function of Drill Users in Gold Mine...Lin W. et al.

A Preliminary Report on the Tumorigenic Effect of Long-Term Exposure to n-Hexane in the Rat Testis...Imai T. et al.

Case Studies

The Case of a Stewardess Suffeering from Salpingitis Caused by Stress on Aerial Service Who was Effectively Treated with Psychosomatic Therapy Including Counseling and Medication...Uchida E. et al.

Case of a Bus Driver Who Suffered from Panic Disorder in the Course of Treatment for Depression...Uchida E. et al.

Field Study Trends in Absenteeism due to Sickness and Injury between 1986 and 1995 at a Shipbuilding Company...Katsuyama H. et al.
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