Journal of Occupational Health Vol.42 No.2 April 2000



Study of the Career Factors Determining the Research Results of Enterprise Researchers: Comparison of Two Career Stages...Nishimura J. et al.

Change in Blood Volume in the Brain during a Simulated Aircraft Landing Task...Takeuchi Y. et al.

Recovery from Mental Ill Health in an Occupational Setting: A Cohort Study in Japan...Mino Y. et al.

A Study on an Evaluation Tool for the Management of Liver Disease by Occupational Health Management Agencies...Takahashi M. et al.

Ventilatory Response to Carbon Dioxide during Moderate Exercise...Takahashi M. et al.

Short Communications

Single Exposure to Gasoline or Ether Reduces Cytochrome P-450 Activities without Affecting UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase Activity in Rat Liver...Ida S. et al.

Partition Coefficients for Gasoline Additives and Their Metabolites...Kaneko T. et al.

Effect of Chronic Sublethal Cyanide Administration on Brain Neurotransmitters and Behabiour in Rats...Mathangi D. C. et al.

Field Studies

Working Accidents among Mill Operators in Roof Tile Home Industry in Pejaten and Nyitdah Villages, Tabanan Regency Indonesia...Sutjana I. D. P.

Impact of Health Professionals on Health Promotion Activities in Japanese Worksites...Hirao T. et al.