Journal of Occupational Health Vol.43 No.1 January 2001


Review Metal-Induced Lung Disease: Lessons from Japan's Experience...KUSAKA, Y., et al.

The Japanese Classification of Computed Tomography for Pneumoconioses with Standard Films: Comparison with the ILO International Classification of Radiographs for Pneumoconioses...SUGANUMA, N., et al.

24-Hour Heart Rate Variability in Shift Workers: Impact of Shift Schedule...van AMELSVOORT, L.G.P.M., et al.

Cytokine Profiles in Airways of Rats Exposed to Toluene Diisocyanate...ZHENG, K.-C., et al.

Short Communications

A 1-Year Follow-Up Study of Anti-Legionella Antibodies in Users of Japanese 24-Hour Hot Water Baths...IRIE, M., et al.

An Unusual Case of Large Opacity in Pneumoconiosis...AHN, B.Y., et al.

Field Studies

Exposure to Benzene among Workers in a Petroleum Transport Company...FIGA`-TALAMANCA.I., et al.

Neurological Diving Accidents in Japanese Breath-Hold Divers: A Preliminary Report...KOHSHI, K., et al.