Journal of Occupational Health Vol.43 No.4 July 2001



Relationship between Burnout and Occupational Factors in Staff of Facilities for Mentally Retarded Children
...TAKEDA, F., et al.

An Investigation of Symptoms in Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Workers in Hospitals...YAHATA, K., et al.

Bisphenol-A Affects Spermatogenesis in the Adult Rat Even at a Low Dose...SAKAUE, M., et al.

Natural Killer Cell Activity and its Related Psychological Factor, Sense of Coherence in Male Smokers...NAKAMURA, H., et al.

Short Communications

Visual Disturbances among Workers Exposed to Triethylamine in a Foundry in Japan...YOSHIDA, T., et al.

The Relationship of Airborne Methyltetrahydrophthalic Anhydride Concentrations to Methyltetrahydrophthalic Anhydride-Induced Symptoms...YOKOTA, K., et al.

Can Posters Prompt Stair Use in a Worksite Environment?...KERR, J., et al.

Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2001-2002) (pdf file)