Journal of Occupational Health Vol.43 No.5 September 2001



Risk of Lung Cancer among Japanese Coal Miners on Hazard Risk and Interaction between Smoking and Coal Mining...MIYAZAKI, M., et al.

Respiratory Morbidity and Exposure to Bauxite, Alumina and Caustic Mist in Alumina Refineries...FRITSCHI, L., et al.

Prevalence of Self-Reported Work-Related Skin Conditions in Taiwanese Working Population...SHAO, Y.-H., et al.

Study of the Factors Determining the Consciousness of Limited Research
Abilities of Enterprise Researchers Due to Aging...NISHIMURA, J., et al.

Performance of Computer-Assisted Analysis of ECG Tests in Health Examinations and Heart Disease Risk in the Normal Working Population...KATSUYAMA, H., et al.

Different Dental Caries Patterns among Smelter Workers with Dental Erosion...FUKAYO, S., et al.

Effects of Lead Exposure in Printing Houses on Immune and Neurobehavioral Functions of Women...QIAO, N., et al.

Procedure-Specific Rates for Needlestick Injuries in Health Care Workers...LEE, L. J.-H., et al.

Short Communications

Attitudes toward Reports on General Health Examination Results by Age, Judgement of Findings and Work-Styles...INOUE, M., et al.

Natural Killer Cell Activity in Mice after Intraperitoneal Administrationof Beryllium Chloride...KURITA, H., et al.

Exposure to Gasoline Vapour during Offloading of Tankers and Railway Wagons and Biological Multicomponent Monitoring...HAKKOLA, M., et al.

Case Study Two Cases of Methyl Bromide Poisoning in Termite Exterminators...YAMANO, Y., et al.
Occupational Health / Safety in the World Specialist Qualification Program for Physicians Prepared by the Japan Society for Occupational Health...OKUBO, T.