Journal of Occupational Health Vol.44 No.2 March 2002


Review Acrylamide Encephalopathy...Igisu, H., et al.

Distribution of Inhaled m-Xylene in Rat Brain and its Effect on GABAA Receptor Binding...Ito, T., et al.

Mortality in a Chinese Rubber Factory:A Prospective Cohort Study...Ke, L., et al.

Biological Monitoring of Styrene in FRP-Making Small Industries in Kumamoto, Japan -Winter-Sumuer Difference and Effect of Protective Masks in Practical Working Conditions-...Inaoka, T., et al.

Psycho-Physiological Effects of Naps during Night Shifts on Morning Types and Evening Types...Takeyama, H., et al.

Short Communications

Pulmonary Toxicity of Indium-Tin Oxide and Indium Phosphide after Intracheal Instillations into the Lung of Hamsters...Tanaka, A., et al.

Toxicokinetics of Fenvalerate Mixed with Phoxim in Mice...Tong, J., et al.

Testicular Toxicity Evaluation of Indium-Tin Oxide...Omura, M., et al.

Field Studies Evaluation of Exposure to 2,2-Dichloro-1,1,1-Trifluoroethane (HCFC-123) in Air-conditioner Manufacturing Workers and their Health Effects in South Korea...Shin, Y.-C., et al.

Environmental Study in Subway Metro Stations in Cairo,Egypt Awad, A.H.A.