Journal of Occupational Health Vol.44 No.6 November 2002


Review Prevention of Weight Gain and Obesity in Occupational Populations: A New Target of Health Promotion Services at Worksites...YAMADA, Y., et al.

Mental Health and Job Factors in Social Workers at Social Welfare Offices...TAKEDA, F., et al.

Worker Exposure due to Reverse Flow in Push-pull Ventilation and Development of a Reverse Flow Preventing System...OJIMA, J.

The Effort-reward Imbalance Model: Experience in Japanese Working Population...TSUTSUMI, A., et al.

Estimation of Energy Expenditure during Sedentary Work with Upper Limb Movement...TSURUMI, K., et al.

Improvement of Occupational Noise-induced Temporary Threshold Shift by Active Noise Control Earmuff and Bone Conduction Microphone ...HORIE, S.

Interleukin-4 and Interleukin-5 Expression in Mice Exposed to 2, 4-Toluene Diisocyanate...ZHENG K.-C., et al.

Short Communications

The Association between Job Demand, Control and Depression in Workplaces in Japan...KITAOKA-HIGASHIGUCHI, K., et al.

Short-term Changes in Cadmium in Feces, Blood and Urine after Dietary Cadmium Intake in Young Japanese Females...NOMIYAMA, T., et al.

Case Study Respiratory Health in Aspetic Packaging with Hydrogen Peroxide: A Report of Two Cases...RIIHIMAKI, V., et al.
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