Journal of Occupational Health Vol.45 No.6 November 2003


Review DNA Microarray Analysis of Altered Gene Expression in Cadmium-exposed
Originals The New BMI Criteria for Asians by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region of WHO are Suitable for Screening of Overweight to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome in Elder Japanese Workers...Anuurad, E., et al.

Persistent Insomnia is a Predictor of Hypertension in Japanese Male Workers...Suka, M., et al.

A Study on Upper Extremity Cumulative Trauma Disorder in Different Unorganised Sectors of West Bengal, India...Gangopadhyay, S., et al.

Sources and Assessment of Occupational Stress in the Police...Deschamps, F., et al.

Toxicity due to 2- and 13-wk Inhalation Exposures of Rats and Mice to N, N-Dimethylformamide...Senoh, H., et al.

Effects of Hair Dyeing on DNA Damage in Human Lymphocytes...Cho, J.-A., et al.

Relationships of Job and Some Individual Characteristics to Occupational Injuries in Employed People: A Community-Based Study...Bhattacherjee, A., et al.

Relationship between Social Support, Mental Health and Health Care Consciousness in Developing the Industrial Health Education of Male Employees...Fujita, D., et al.

A Survey on Health Effects in a Human Population Exposed to Permanent-Waving Solution Containing Thioglycolic Acid...Gan, H.-F., et al.
Short Communications Pulmonary Squamous Cyst Induced by Exposure to Indium Arsenide in Hamsters...Tanaka, A., et al.

Micronucleus Assay of Human Lymphocytes: A Comparison of Cytokinesis-block and Human Capillary Blood Lymphocytes Methods...Tian, Y., et al.
Book review on 'Analyses of Hazardous Substances in Biological Materials, Volume 8.'
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