Journal of Occupational Health Vol.46 No.3 May 2004


Originals Occupational Exposure to Aromatic Hydrocarbons at a Coke Plant: Part I. Identification of Hydrocarbons in Air and their Metabolites in Urine by a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method...Bieniek, G., et al.

Occupational Exposure to Aromatic Hydrocarbons at a Coke Plant: Part II. Exposure Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds...Bieniek, G., et al.

Dose Responses of Years of Exposure on Lung Functions in Flour Mill Workers...Meo, S. A.

Changes in Health Habits of Female Shift Workers...Kaneko, S., et al.

Effect of Follow-Up Intervention of Toothbrushing on Periodontal Health in Workplace Dental Examination...Hanioka, T., et al.

Relationship between an Interview-Based Health Promotion Program and Cardiovascular Risk Factors at Japanese Companies...Shimizu, T., et al.
Short Communications Relief of Work Stress after Weekend and Holiday Season in High School Teachers...Ritvanen, T., et al.

Injuries and Injury Care among Child Labourers in Gem Polishing Industries in Jaipur, India...Tiwari, R. R., et al.

Relationship of Job Stress with Nicotine Dependence of Smokers-A Cross-Sectional Study of Female Nurses in a General Hospital...Ota, A., et al.
Case Study Exposure to Lead and its Particles Size Distribution...Donguk, P., et al.
Field Studies Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Meat and Fish Processing Plants...Kim, J. Y., et al.

Ambulatory (24 Hour) Blood Pressure Monitoring in Police Officers...Tomei, F., et al.
Occupational Health / Safety in the World Story of Benzene and Leukemia: Epidemiologic Approach of Muzaffer Aksoy...Yaris, F., et al.
Correspondences A Comment from the Editor-in-Chief...Koizumi, A. (PDF file)
Response to Umeda et al....Bogdanffy, M., et al.
Response to Dr. Bogdanffy et al.'s comments on our paper...Umeda, Y., et al.