Journal of Occupational Health Vol.47 No.6 November 2005


Originals Effects of Concentrated Ambient Particles on Heart Rate Variability in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats...Chang, C-C., et al.

Relationships between Work-related Factors and Disorders in the Neck-shoulder and Low-back Region among Female and Male Ambulance Personnel...Aasa, U., et al.

A Prospective Study on the Influences of Workplace Stress on Mental Health...Babazono, A., et al.

A Cross-sectional Study of Alcohol Drinking and Health-related Quality of Life among Male Workers in Japan...Saito, I., et al.

Expression of Clara Cell Secretory Protein in the Lungs of Rats Exposed to Crystalline Silica In Vivo...Morimoto, Y., et al.

A Prospective Cohort Study of Employment Status and Mortality from Circulatory Disorders among Japanese Workers...Fujino, Y., et al.
Field Studies Exposure to Lead, Cadmium and Chromium among Spray Painters in Automobile Body Repair Shops...Vitayavirasuk, B., et al.

The Health of Volunteer Firefighters Three Years after a Technological Disaster...Morren, M., et al.

Occupational Safety and Health Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Japanese Companies Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) First Section...Kawashita, F., et al.

Occupational Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds and Mitigation by Push-Pull Local Exhaust Ventilation in Printing Plants...Leung, M.K.H., et al.
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