Journal of Occupational Health Vol.48 No.6 November 2006


Rapid Communication A Case of Occupational Bronchial Asthma and Contact Dermatitis Caused by ortho-Phthalaldehyde Exposure in a Medical Worker...Fujita, H., et al.
Originals Human Herpesvirus 6 Reactivation in Trichloroethylene-exposed Workers Suffering from Generalized Skin Disorders Accompanied by Hepatic Dysfunction...Huang, H., et al.

Carcinogenicity and Chronic Toxicity in Rats and Mice Exposed by Inhalation to 1,2-Dichloroethane for Two Years...Nagano, K., et al.

Behavior of Rock Wool in Rat Lungs after Exposure by Nasal Inhalation...Kudo, Y., et al.

Subjective Fatigue and Stress Hormone Levels in Urine according to Duration of Shiftwork...Park, J., et al.

The Effects of Pre-Entry Career Maturity and Support Networks in Workplace on Newcomers' Mental Health...Kawai, K., et al.

Effects of Inhalation Exposure to Propylene Oxide on Respiratory Tract, Reproduction and Development in Rats...Okuda, H., et al.

Mental Health of Healthcare Workers who Experience Needlestick and Sharps Injuries...Sohn, J-W., et al.

Toxicity Study of the Volatile Constituents of Myoga Utilizing Acute Dermal Irritation Assays and the Guinea-Pig Maximization Test...Wei, Q., et al.

Association of Psychological Well-Being with Oral Conditions in Japanese Workers...Ide, R., et al.

Effects of the Job Stress Education for Supervisors on Psychological Distress and Job Performance among Their Immediate Subordinates: A Supervisor-Based Randomized Controlled Trial...Takao, S., et al.

Association between Intention to Stay on the Job and Job Satisfaction among Japanese Nurses in Small and Medium-sized Private Hospitals...Kudo, Y., et al.
Case Study Study of a Mortality Surge among Transport Workers in Japan...Kagamimori, S., et al.
Field Study Genotoxic Risks to Nurses from Contamination of the Work Environment with Antineoplastic Drugs in Japan...Yoshida, J., et al.
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