Journal of Occupational Health Vol.49 No.4 July2007



Thirteen-week Inhalation Toxicity of Carbon Tetrachloride in Rats and Mice
Nagano, K., et al.

Results of Recognition Tests on Japanese Subjects of the Labels Presently
Used in Japan and the UN-GHS Labels Hara, K., et al.

High Pallidal T1 Signal is Rarely Observed in Obstructive Jaundice, but is Frequently Observed in Liver Cirrhosis Bang, S.-J., et al.

Work-related Respiratory Symptoms and Ventilatory Disorders among Employees of a Cement Industry in Shiraz, Iran Neghab, M., et al.

Detection of Mutant p53 Protein in Workers Occupationally Exposed to Benzidine Xiang, C.-Q., et al.

Hematological Follow-up of an Intervention Program Adding Rubber Glove-Wearing to Local Ventilation for 2-Ethoxyethanol Acetate-Exposed Workers
Chen, H.-I., et al.

Nurses' Expectations, Experiences and Attitudes towards the Intervention of a 'No Lifting Policy' Engkvist, I.-L.

Case Study A Case of Acute Organotin Poisoning Yoo, C.I., et al.
Field Studies

Workplace Violence on Workers Caring for Long-term Institutionalized Schizophrenic Patients in Taiwan Chen, W.-C., et al.

Accidental Exposure to Blood in Medical Interns of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Shariati, B., et al.

Book Reviews

Book Review on "DFG Essential MAK Value Documentations"

Book Review on "DFG Essential BAT Value Documentations"

Book Review on "DFG Essential Biomonitoring Methods"

Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2007-2008)