Journal of Occupational Health Vol.49 No.6 Nov 2007



Effect of Chronic Topical Exposure to Low-Dose Noxious Chemicals and Stress on Skin Sensitivity in Mice Nakano, Y.

Association of Smoking Behavior and Socio-Demographic Factors, Work, Lifestyle and Mental Health of Japanese Civil Servants Hu, L., et al.

Development of Japanese Version of the Checklist Individual Strength Questionnaire in a Working Population Aratake, Y., et al.

Predisposing Factors of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Japanese Male Workers Niijima, K., et al.

Association of Work-Related Factors with Psychosocial Job Stressors and Psychosomatic Symptoms among Japanese Pediatricians Umehara, K., et al.

Evaluation of the Control Banding Method—Comparison with Measurement-based Comprehensive Risk Assessment Hashimoto, H., et al.

Use of Field-Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (FPXRF) Analyzer to Measure Airborne Lead Levels in Korean Workplaces Kim, N.-S., et al.

Short Comunication Pilot Study of a Dissection Table for Gross Anatomy Laboratory Equipped with a Photocatalytic Device that Decomposes Formaldehyde Ohmichi, K., et al.
Case Studies

Teledermatology-A Hitherto Underestimated Tool in Occupational Medicine- Indications and Limitations Baumeister, T., et al.

Field Studies

Biological Monitoring of Pyrethroid Exposure of Pest Control Workers in Japan Wang, D., et al.

Poor Mental Health Associated with Job Dissatisfaction among School Teachers in Japan Nagai, M., et al.

Associations of Excessive Sleepiness on Duty with Sleeping Hours and Number of Days of Overnight Work among Medical Residents in Japan Wada, K., et al.

Occupational Health / Safety in the World Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Related to Occupational Health Problems among Garment Workers in Tamil Nadu, India Parimalam, P., et al.