Journal of Occupational Health Vol.50 No.1 Jan 2008


Rapid Communication

Body Distribution of Inhaled Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles  in the Mice...Jung-Taek KWON et al.

Assessment of DNA Damage in Japanese Nurses Handling Antineoplastic Drugs by the Comet Assay...Makiko SASAKI et al.

Perception in Relation to a Potential Influenza Pandemic among Healthcare Workers in Japan: Implications for Preparedness...Teppei IMAI et al.

Relationships between Self-Rating of Recovery from Work and Morning Salivary Cortisol...Klas GUSTAFSSON et al.

Association of Physical Job Demands, Smoking and Alcohol Abuse with Subsequent Premature Mortality: A 9-year ollow-up Population-based Study...Eve BOURGKARD et al.

Short-term Effects of Ambient Gaseous Pollutants and Particulate Matter on Daily Mortality in Shanghai, China...Guohai CHEN et al...

Evaluation of Occupational Exposure to Antiblastic Drugs in an Italian Hospital Oncological Department...Loredana CASTIGLIA et al.

Postural Support by a Standing Aid Alleviating Subjective Discomfort among Cooks in a Forward-bent Posture during Food Preparation...Kazuyuki IWAKIRI et al.

Short Comunication Psychological Job Characteristics and Alexithymic Traits in Korean White-Collar Workers...Byung-Joo HAM et al.

Reliability and Validity of the Japanese Version of the Stanford Presenteeism Scale in Female Employees at 2 Japanese Enterprises...Miku YAMASHITA et al.

Direct Medical Costs and Working Days Lost due to Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries in Denizli, Turkey...Mustafa SERINKEN et al.
Case Studies

Simultaneous Observation of Zero-Value of FSBP% and Raynaudfs Phenomenon during Cold Provocation in Vibration Syndrome...Yutaka FUJIWARA et al.

Field Studies

Association of Job-related Stress Factors with Psychological and Somatic Symptoms among Japanese Hospital Nurses: Effect of Departmental Environment in Acute Care Hospitals...Yuri KAWANO

Actual Conditions of the Mixing of Antineoplastic Drugs for Injection in Hospitals in Osaka Prefecture, Japan...Jin YOSHIDA et al.

Occupational Stress and Mental Health among Correctional Officers: A Cross-Sectional Study...Ali GHADDAR et al.