Journal of Occupational Health Vol.50 No.4 Juy 2008


Review Railways and Asbestos in Japan (1928-1987) 'Epidemiology of Pleural Plaques, Malignancies and Pneumoconioses' Hosoda, Y., et al.

Effects of Benzo[a]pyrene on Autonomic Nervous System of Coke Oven Workers Zhang, H.-M., et al.

Gender Difference in Work-Family Conflict among Japanese Information Technology Engineers with Preschool Children Watai, I., et al.

Trichloroethylene Causes Generalized Hypersensitivity Skin Disorders Complicated by Hepatitis Kamijima, M., et al.

Abnormalities in Cadmium Fluoride Kinetics in Serum, Bile, and Urine after Single Intravenous Administration of Toxic Doses to Rats Dote, T., et al.

Marital Status and Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Middle-aged Japanese Male Workers: The High-risk and Population Strategy for Occupational Health Promotion (HIPOP-OHP) Study Kamon, Y., et al.

Short Comunication

Burnout in Relation to Age in the Adult Working Population Ahola, K., et al.

Field Studies

The Stability of the Oxidative Stress Marker, Urinary 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), when Stored at Room Temperature Matsumoto, Y., et al.

An Epidemiological Study of Work-related Violence Experienced by Physicians who Graduated from a Medical School in Japan Arimatsu, M., et al.