Journal of Occupational Health Vol.51 No.2 Mar 2009



Job Stress and Coronary Heart Disease: A Case-control Study using a Chinese Population Xu, W., et al.

Associations between Prevalence of Self-reported Musculoskeletal Symptoms of the Spine and Biopsychosocial Factors among Office Workers Janwantanakul, P., et al.

Burnout and Risk Factors for Arteriosclerotic Disease: Follow-up Study Kitaoka-Higashiguchi, K., et al.

Chinese EPINet and Recall Rates for Percutaneous Injuries: An Epidemic Proportion of Underreporting in the Taiwan Healthcare SystemShiao, J.S.-C., et al.

Validity of a Questionnaire for Periodontitis Screening of Japanese Employees Yamamoto, T., et al.

Problematic Interpersonal Relationships at Work and Depression: A Swedish Prospective Cohort StudyStoetzer, U., et al.

Effects of Chronic Noise Exposure on Spatial Learning and Memory of Rats in Relation to Neurotransmitters and NMDAR2B Alteration in the HippocampusCui, B., et al.

Case Study

Case StudyA Cluster of Neurological Signs and Symptoms in Soil Fumigators Magnavita, N.

Short Communication

Short CommunicationsThe Dose-Response Relationship between Pulmonary Function Injury and Cumulative Dose of Tobacco Dust Exposure among Tobacco Processing WorkersZhang, Y., et al.

Preventive Effects of Taurine and Vitamin C on Renal DNA Damage of Mice Exposed to ArsenicLi, Z., et al.

Analysis of Unmetabolized VOCs in Urine by Headspace Solid-Phase Microcolumn ExtractionHrivnÁk, J., et al.