Journal of Occupational Health Vol.51 No.3 May 2009



Prevalence and Associated Factors for Thoracic Spine Pain in the Adult Working Population: A Literature Review Briggs, A.M. et al.


Employment Contracts: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Relations with Quality of Working Life, Health and Well-being Kompier, M., et al.

Effects of a Modified Ambulance Night Shift System on Fatigue and Physiological Function among Ambulance Paramedics Takeyama, H., et al.

Reliability of the Proposed International Classification of High-Resolution Computed Tomography for Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Diseases Suganuma, N., et al.

Self-reported Health among Employees in Relation to Sex Segregation at Work Sites Svedberg, P., et al.

Airway Inflammation and Upregulation of b2 Mac-1 Integrin Expression on Circulating Leukocytes of Female Ragpickers in India Ray, M.R., et al.

How Job Demands Affect an Intimate Partner: A Test of the Spillover-Crossover Model in Japan Shimazu, A., et al.

Oral Carcinogenicity and Toxicity of 2-Amino-4-chlorophenol in Rats Yamazaki, K., et al.

Field Studies

Physician Job Satisfaction and Working Conditions in Japan Wada, K., et al.

Limitations on Work and Attendance Rates after Employees with Cancer Returned to Work at a Single Manufacturing Company in Japan Ohguri, T., et al.

Symptom Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Effects of Prior Acute Injury among Aging Male Steelworkers Choi, W.-J., et al.

Short Communication

Assessment of Genotoxic Damage in Nurses Occupationally Exposed to Anaesthetic Gases or Antineoplastic Drugs by the Comet Assay Izdes, S., et al.