Journal of Occupational Health Vol.51 No.4 Jul 2009



Time-dependent Changes of Blood Parameters and Fluoride Kinetics in Rats after Acute Exposure to Subtoxic Hydrofluoric Acid Imanishi, M., et al. 287

Effects of a Worksite Stress Management Training Program with Six Short-hour Sessions: A Controlled Trial among Japanese Employees Umanodan, R., et al. 294

An Examination of Factors Related to Work-to-family Conflict among Employed Men and Women in Japan Kato, M., et al. 303

Prevalence of Workplace Abuse and Sexual Harassment among Female Faculty and Staff Marsh, J., et al. 314

Body Mass Index and Serum g-glutamyltransferase Level as Risk Factors for Injuries Related to Professional Horse Racing: A Prospective Study Tobari, H., et al. 323

Effects of Co-exposure to Noise and Mixture of Organic Solvents on Blood Pressure Chang, T.-Y., et al. 332

Development of a Work Improvement Checklist for Occupational Mental Health Focused on Requests from Workers Tahara, H., et al. 340

Field Study

Occupational Risk due to Violence in a Psychiatric Ward Salerno, S., et al. 349

Workplace ViolenceŅA Survey of Diagnostic Radiographers Working in Public Hospitals in Hong Kong Ng, K., et al. 355

Higher Prevalence of Dry Symptoms in Skin, Eyes, Nose and Throat among Workers in Clean Rooms with Moderate Humidity Su, S.-B., et al. 364

Participatory Action Oriented Training for Hospital Nurses (PAOTHN) Program to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders Lee, J.-E., et al. 370

Short Communication

Laboratory Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide Exposure in CO2 Arc Welding Ojima, J. 377

Rapid and Effective Speciation Analysis of Arsenic Compounds in Human Urine using Anion-Exchange Columns in HPLC-ICP-MS Suzuki, Y., et al. 380

Optimization of the Determination of Ortho-phthalaldehyde in Air by Derivatization with 2,4-dinitorophenylhyrazine (DNPH) Yamamoto, S., et al. 386