Journal of Occupational Health Vol.52 No.3 MAY 2010



Industry and Injury Related Hospital Contacts: A Follow-up Study of Injuries among Working Men in Denmark Pedersen, B. H., et al.

Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes in Cultured Chinese Hamster Lung Cells in Comparison with Chrysotile A Fibers Asakura M., et al.

Technique for Continuously Monitoring Core Body Temperatures to Prevent Heat Stress Disorders in Workers Engaged in Physical Labor Nagano C., et al.

The Contribution of Work and Non-work Factors to the Onset of Psychological Distress: An Eight-year Prospective Study of a Representative Sample of Employees in Canada Marchand A., et al.

Field Study

Distribution and Identification of Airborne Fungi in Railway Stations in Tokyo, Japan Kawasaki T., et al.

Brief Report

Determination Method for Nitromethane in Workplace Air Takeuchi A., et al.