Journal of Occupational Health Vol.52 No.5 Sep 2010



Occupational Risks and Challenges of Seafaring Oldenburg, M., et al.


Job Stress and Carotid Intima-media Thickness in Chinese Workers Xu, W., et al.

Confidentiality and Physicians' Health. A Cross-sectional Study of University Hospital Physicians in Four European Cities (the HOUPE-study) Løvseth, L.T., et al.

Longitudinal Changes in Pulmonary Function of Asbestos Workers Wang, X., et al.

Detection of Exaggerated Blood Pressure Response Using Laboratory of Physical Science Protocol and Risk of Future Hypertension Odahara, T., et al.

Field Study

Possible Health-protecting Effects of Feeling Useful to Others on Symptoms of Depression and Sleep Disturbance in the Workplace Takaki, J., et al.

Effect of a Two-hour Training on PhysiciansÕ Skill in Interpreting Pneumoconiotic Chest Radiographs Ngatu, N.R., et al.

Burnout and Perceived Stress among University Coaches in Lithuania Malinauskas, R., et al.


Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2010_2011)