Journal of Occupational Health Vol.52 No.6 Nov 2010



Hazard Assessments of Manufactured Nanomaterials Morimoto, Y., et al.


Work-family Spillover among Japanese Dual-earner Couples: A Large Community-based Study Shimada, K., et al.

A Cross-sectional Survey of Voice Disorders among Primary School Teachers in Hong Kong Lee, S. Y., et al.

Effects of Pesticide Use on Semen Quality among Farmers in Rural Areas of Sabah, Malaysia Hossain, F., et al.

Work and Family Stress is Associated with Menstrual Disorders but not with Fibrocystic Changes: Cross-sectional Findings in Chinese Working Women Zhou, M., et al.

Workplace Bullying could Play Important Roles in the Relationships between Job Strain and Symptoms of Depression and Sleep Disturbance Takaki, J., et al.

Field Study

Employee and Employer Support for Workplace-based Smoking Cessation: Results from an International Survey Halpern, M. T., et al.

Paraoxonase 1 Correlates with Butyrylcholinesterase and Gamma Glutamyl Transferase in Workers Chronically Exposed to Pesticides Araoud, M., et al

Loss of Productivity due to Depression among Korean Employees Lee, Y.-M.

Brief Report

Toxicokinetics and Metabolism Deteriorated by Acute Nephrotoxicity after a Single Intravenous Injection of Hydrofluoric Acid in Rats Mitsui, G., et al.

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