Journal of Occupational Health Vol.53 No.2 Mar 2011



Two- and 13-week Inhalation Toxicities of Indium-tin Oxide and Indium Oxide in Rats Nagano, K., et al.

Evaluation of Acute Oxidative Stress Induced by NiO Nanoparticles In Vivo and In Vitro Horie, M., et al.

Binding of Human Serum Proteins to Titanium Dioxide Particles In Vitro Zaqout, M.S.K., et al.

Benzene Induces Cytotoxicity without Metabolic Activation Nishikawa T., et al.

Job Stress and Mental Health of Permanent and Fixed-term Workers Measured by Effort-reward Imbalance Model, Depressive Complaints, and Clinic Utilization Inoue M., et al.

Indium Chloride-induced Micronuclei in In Vivo and In Vitro Experimental Systems Takagi, R., et al.

Field Studies

Occupational Exposure to Phenolic Compounds at Coke Plants—Urinary Excretion of Methoxyphenols as an Indicator of Exposure to Methoxyphenols Bieniek, G., et al.

Serum Concentrations of DDT and DDE among Malaria Control Workers in the Amazon Region Ferreira, C.P., et al.

Iranian Clinical Nurses’ Coping Strategies for Job Stress Jannati, Y., et al.

Occupational Exposure of Dentists to Extremely-low-frequency Magnetic Field Huang, S.-M., et al.

Occupational Health / Safety in the World/FONT>

The Development of the European Framework for Psychosocial Risk Management: PRIMA-EF Leka, S., et al.

Perceptions of Psychosocial Hazards, Work-related Stress and Workplace Priority Risks in Developing Countries Kortum, E., et al.