Journal of Occupational Health Vol.53 No.3 May 2011



Recovery of Chronic Noise Exposure Induced Spatial Learning and Memory Deficits in Young Male Sprague-Dawley Rats Chengzhi, C., et al.

Association between Job Stress and Insomnia in Korean Workers Kim, H.-C., et al.

Inhalation Carcinogenicity and Chronic Toxicity of Indium-tin Oxide in Rats and Mice Nagano, K., et al.

Development and Validation of the Japanese Version of Organization-Based Self-Esteem Scale Matsuda, Y., et al.

Associations between Hours Worked, Symptoms and Health Resource Utilization among Full-time Male Japanese Workers Sato, K., et al.

Field Studies

EntrepreneursŐ Self-reported Health, Social Life, and Strategies for Maintaining Good Health Gunnarsson, K., et al.

Burnout, Workplace Violence and Social Support among Drivers and Conductors in the Road Passenger Transport Sector in Maputo City, Mozambique Couto, M. T., et al.

Relationship between Receiving a Workplace Oral Health Examination Including Oral Health Instruction and Oral Health Status in the Japanese Adult Population Oshikohj, T., et al.

Brief Reports

Determination Method for Xylidines in Workplace Air Takeuchi, A., et al.

Pulmonary Toxicity in Mice by 2- and 13-week Inhalation Exposures to Indium-tin Oxide and Indium Oxide Aerosols Nagano, K., et al.