Journal of Occupational Health Vol.53 No.5 Sep 2011



Biomechanical and Psychosocial Work Exposures and Musculoskeletal Symptoms among Vineyard Workers
BERNARD, C., et al.

Effects of Fatigue on Immune Function in Nurses Performing Shift Work
NAGAI, M., et al.

Comparison of Digital Direct Readout Radiography with Conventional Film-screen Radiography for the Recognition of Pneumoconiosis in Dust-exposed Chinese Workers
MAO, L., et al.

Elevated Oxidative Damage in Kitchen Workers in Chinese Restaurants
WANG, J., et al.

Association between Job Stress and Newly Detected Combined Dyslipidemia among Chinese Workers: Findings from the SHISO Study
XU, W., et al.

Assessments by HR and %HRR of Occupational Work Exertion for Alternating Periods of Rest and Manual Labor
EGUCHI, Y., et al.

Changes in Craniocervical and Trunk Flexion Angles and Gluteal Pressure during VDT Work with Continuous Cross-legged Sitting
LEE, J.-H., et al.

Work-related Aggression and Violence Committed by Patients and Its Psychological Influence on Doctors
SAEKI, K., et al.

Field Studies

Burnout among Judo Coaches in Turkey
GENCAY, S., et al

Psychiatric Knowledge and Skills Required of Occupational Physicians: Priorities in the Japanese Setting
TSUTSUMI, A., et al.

A Study on Work Stress, Stress Coping Strategies and Health Promoting Lifestyle among District Hospital Nurses in Taiwan
LEE, W.-L., et al.

Safety and Health in the Petrochemical Industry in Map Ta Phut, Thailand
LANGKULSEN, U., et al.


Letter to the Editor: Rising Trend of Workplace Oral Health Examination
PRIYA, H., et al.

The author reply

Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2011 2012)