Journal of Occupational Health Vol.53 No.6 Nov 2011



Noise and Health Sleep Disturbance in Adults Kawada, T.


Exposure to Respirable Flour Dust and Gliadin in Wheat Flour Mills Khodadadi, I., et al.

Exposure Assessment of ETBE in Gas Station Workers and Gasoline Tanker Truck Drivers Eitaki, Y., et al.

Symptoms of Respiratory Disease and Lung Functional Impairment Associated with Occupational Inhalation Exposure to Carbon Black Dust Neghab, M., et al.

Childhood General Mental Ability and Midlife Psychosocial Work Characteristics as Related to Mental Distress, Neck/Shoulder Pain and Self-rated Health in Working Women and Men Wulff, C., et al.

Field Studies

The Effect of Globalization on Employee Psychological Health and Job Satisfaction in Malaysian Workplaces Idris, M.A., et al

Occupational Violence at Lebanese Emergency Departments: Prevalence, Characteristics and Associated Factors Alameddine , M., et al.

Association between Visual Message and Health Knowledge in a 4-month Follow-up Study at Worksites Sugiyama, S., et al.

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