Journal of Occupational Health Vol.54 No.1 Jan 2012


Journal of Occupational Health


Epidemiological Study on Risk Factors for Anxiety Disorder among Chinese Doctors
Sun, W., et al.

Psychological and Health Impact of Working with Victims of Sex Trafficking
Kliner, M., et al.

Inconsistencies in Guidelines for Visual Health Surveillance of VDT Workers
Segui, M.del M., et al.

Maternal Working Hours and Early Childhood Overweight in Japan: A Population-based Study
Mitsuhashi, T., et al.

Visual Display Terminal Use Increases the Prevalence and Risk of Work-related Musculoskeletal
Disorders among Chinese Office Workers: A Cross-sectional Study
Wu, S., et al

Characteristic Analysis of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Apoptosis in Coke Oven Workers
Zhang, H.M., et al.

Field Studies

Difficulties in Receiving a Medical Consultation among Japanese Workers
with Mental Health Problems
Okubo, S., et al.

Workplace Sexual Harassment in Two General Hospitals in Taiwan:
The Incidence, Perception, and Gender Differences
Wang, L.-J., et al.

A Case-crossover Study of Transient Risk Factors for Occupational Traumatic Hand Injuries
in Incheon, Korea
Choi, W.-J., et al.

Occupational Hazards of Hospital Personnel: Assessment of a Safe Alternative to Formaldehyde
Berton, F., et al.