Journal of Occupational Health Vol.54 No.2 Mar 2012



Does Open-air Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds near a Plastic Recycling Factory Cause Health Effects? Yorifuji, T., et al.

Adverse Psychosocial Working Conditions and Poor Quality of Life among Financial Service Employees in Brazil Silva, L. S., et al.

A Longitudinal Study on Raynaudfs Phenomenon in Workers Using an Impact Wrench Aiba, Y., et al.

Assessment of Workplace Air Concentrations of Indium Dust in an Indium-recycling Plant Miyauchi, H., et al.

Work Ability Index (WAI) and Its Association with Psychosocial Factors in One of the Petrochemical Industries in Iran Mazloumi, A., et al.

The Effort-reward Imbalance Questionnaire in Greek: Translation, Validation and Psychometric Properties in Health Professionals Msaouel, P., et al.

Field Studies

Evaluation of Optimum Room Entry Times for Radiation Therapists after High Energy Whole Pelvic Photon Treatments Ho, L., et al.

Evaluation of Workers Exposed to Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether and Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate Park, J., et al.

Health Disparities among Occupations in Taiwan: A Population Study Chen, F.-L., et al.

Brief Report

Screening for Measles Vaccination in Young Japanese Non-healthcare Workers Through Self-reported History Nishiura, C., et al.

Case Study

Impact of Chronic Diseases on Work Ability in Ageing Firefighters Plat, M-.C. J., et al.