Journal of Occupational Health Vol.54 No.4 Jul 2012


The Great East Japan Earthquake Related Article

Bacterial Hazards of Sludge Brought Ashore by the Tsunami after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 (Original)
Wada, K., et al


Estimation of a Safe Level for Occupational Exposure to Vinyl Chloride Using a Benchmark Dose Method in Central China
Jiao, J., et al.

Effect of EMG-based Feedback on Posture Correction during Computer Operation
Park, S.-y., et al.

Effects of Individual and Work-related Factors on Incidence of Shoulder Pain in a Large Working Population
Bodin, J., et al.

Psychological Outcome of Injured Workers at 3 Months after Occupational Injury Requiring Hospitalization in Taiwan
Lin, K.-H., et al.

Upregulation of Calprotectin and Downregulation of Retinol Binding Protein in the Serum of Workers with Trichloroethylene-induced Hypersensitivity Dermatitis
Huang, Z., et al.

Field Studies

Noise Attenuation of Earplugs as Measured by hREAT and F-MIRE Methods in a Japanese Metal Manufacturing Plant
Kabe, I., et al.

Occupational Exposure to Manganese-containing Welding Fumes and Pulmonary Function Indices among Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Welders
Hassani, H., et al.

COffice Work and Complaints of the Arms, Neck and Shoulders: The Role of Job Characteristics, Muscular Tension and Need for Recovery
Gawke, J.C., et al.

Effect of Reduced Illumination on Insomnia in Office Workers
Kozaki, T., et al.

Brief Reports

Measles among Healthcare Workers in a Teaching Hospital in Central Italy
Pamela, B., et al.

Determination Method for Mono- and Diethanolamine in Workplace Air by High-performance Liquid Chromatography
Takeuchi, A., et al.

Case Study

A Guillain-Barre Syndrome-like Neuropathy Associated with Arsenic Exposure
Kim, S., et al.