Journal of Occupational Health Vol.55 No.2 Mar 2013



Organizational Justice and Major Depressive Episodes in Japanese Employees: A Cross-sectional Study
Inoue, A., et al.

Association between Paraoxonase 2 Gene Polymorphisms and Noise-induced Hearing Loss in the Chinese Population
Li, X.-T., et al.

Susceptibility to Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and Touching of the Eyes or Nose: A Cross-sectional Study of Japanese Workers
Fukunaka, Y., et al.

Change in Lifestyle through Health Promotion Program without Face-to-Face Intervention in a Large-scale Japanese Enterprise
Haruyama, Y., et al.

Occupational Sun Protection: Workplace Culture, Equipment Provision and Outdoor Workersf Characteristics
Reeder, A. I., et al.

The Relationship between Age and Work Injury in British Columbia: Examining Differences across Time and Nature of Injury
Smith, P., et al.

Assessing Psychological Violence and Harassment at Work: Reliability and Validity of the Japanese Version of the Inventory of Violence and Psychological Harassment (IVAPT) Comparing NAQ-R and LIPT
Pando, M., et al.

Case Study

Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide Poisoning during a Pallet Cleaning Demonstration
Park, S.-H., et al.