Journal of Occupational Health Vol.55 No.4 Jul 2013



Effects of Implementing an Ergonomic Work Schedule on Heart Rate Variability in Shift-working Nurses
Jarvelin-Pasanen S., et al.

Work-to-family Conflict and Family-to-Work Conflict among Japanese Dual-earner Couples with Preschool Children: A Spillover-Crossover Perspective
Shimazu, A., et al.

Child Work in Agriculture in West Bengal, India: Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Occupational Health Problems
Das, B., et al.

Scapular Kinematics and Muscle Activities during Pushing Tasks
Huang, C-K., et al. .

Change in Lung Function over Time in Male Metropolitan Firefighters and General Population Controls: A 3-year Follow-up Study
Schermer, T. R., et al.

Low Back Pain and Associated Presenteeism among Hospital Nursing Staff
dfErrico, A., et al.

Occupational Exposure to Formaldehyde and Genetic Damage in the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Plywood Workers
Lin, D., et al.

Field Studies

State of Toner Exposure of Workers Who Handle Toners
Matsuda, Y., et al.

Occupational Exposure and Thoracic Malignancies, Is There a Relationship?
Baser, S., et al.

Brief Reports

A Cross-sectional Study of the Association between Working Hours and Sleep Duration among the Japanese Working Population
Ohtsu, T., et al.

Worker Education Level is a Factor in Self-compliance with Dust-preventive Methods among Small-scale Agate Industrial Workers
Aggarwal, B.D.

Case Study

Occupational Asthma in Female Factory Worker Resulting from Exposure to Savinase in Dishwashing Tablets\A Case Study
LipinLska-Ojrzanowska, A., et al.