Journal of Occupational Health Vol.55 No.5 Sep 2013



Changes in Psychosocial Work Conditions in Taiwanese Employees by Gender and Age from 2001 to 2010
Cheng Y., et al.

Occupational Injury Proneness in Young Workers: A Survey in Stone Quarries
Saha A., et al.

Optimum Cut-off Point of the Japanese Short Version of the Effort-Reward Imbalance Questionnaire
Kurioka, S., et al.

Interaction between Occupational Stress and GR Gene Polymorphisms on Essential Hypertension among Railway Workers
Lin, S., et al.

Long Work Hours and Obesity in Korean Adult Workers
Jang, T.-W., et al.

Organophosphate Urinary Metabolite Levels during Pregnancy, Delivery and Postpartum in Women Living in Agricultural Areas in Thailand
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Perceived Fitness Protects against Stress-based Mental Health Impairments among Police Officers Who Report Good Sleep
Gerber, M., et al.

Working Hours and Cardiovascular Disease in Korean Workers: A Case-control Study
Jeong, I., et al.

Field Studies

Hepatitis Screening in Japanese Individuals of Working Age and Prejudice against Infected Persons in the Workplace
Sasaki, N., et al.

Work-related Stress and Urinary Catecholamines among Laboratory Technicians
Ghaddar A., et al.

Ergonomics Observation: Harvesting Tasks at Oil Palm Plantation
Ng, Y.G., et al.

Industrial Distributions of Severe Occupational Injuries among Workers in Thailand
Yamakawa, M., et al.

Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2013-2014)