Journal of Occupational Health Vol.56 No.1 Jan 2014



The Effectiveness of Applying Different Permissible Exposure Limits in Preserving the Hearing Threshold Level: A Systematic Review
Sayapathi, B.S., et al.


Work-related Risk Factors for Workplace Violence among Korean Employees
Lee, H.-E., et al.

Predisposing, Enabling and Reinforcing Factors Associated with Smoking Relapse among Hospital Workers
Bautista-Rentero D., et al.

An Integrative Study of the Genetic, Social and Environmental Determinants of Chronic Kidney Disease Characterized by Tubulointerstitial Damages in the North Central Region of Sri Lanka
Nanayakkara, S., et al.

Screening for Hazardous Drinking in Migrant Workers in Southeastern Spain
Perez-Carceles, M. D., et al.

The Impact of Breast Cancer on Employment among Japanese Women
Saito, N., et al.

Field Studies

Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Mercury among Iranian Hairdressers
Fakour, H., et al.

What Encourages Sun Protection among Outdoor Workers from Four Industries?
Janda, M., et al.

Brief Report

Physician Burnout and Its Associated Factors: A Cross-sectional Study in Shanghai
Wang, Z., et al.