Journal of Occupational Health Vol.56 No.2 Mar 2014



Applicability of Concentrations Obtained by Working Environment Measurement to Assessment of Personal Exposure Concentrations of Chemicals
Yamamoto, S., et al.

Job Stress and Intent to Stay at Work among Registered Female Nurses Working in Thai Hospitals
Kaewboonchoo, O., et al.

Swedish Female Hairdressersf Views on Their Work Environment-A Qualitative Study
Diab K. K., et al.

Effect Modification by Coping Strategies on the Association of Organizational Justice with Psychological Distress in Japanese Workers
Nakagawa, Y., et al.

Work Performance Assessed by a Newly Developed Japanese Version of the Work Limitation Questionnaire in a General Japanese Adult Population
Takegami, M., et al.

Personal, Biomechanical, Organizational and Psychosocial Risk Factors for Neck Disorders in a Working Population
Petit, A., et al.

The Effect of Age on the Relationships between Work-related Factors and Heavy Drinking
Morikawa, Y., et al.

Changes in Neck and Back Pain, Cervical Range of Motion and Cervical and Lumbar Flexion-relaxation Ratios after Below-knee Assembly Work
Shin, S.-J., et al.

Field Study

Health Assessment of Self-employed Hairdressers in France
Deschamps, F., et al.

Case Study

Two Offset Printing Workers with Cholangiocarcinoma
Kumagai, S.