Journal of Occupational Health Vol.56 No.4 Jul 2014



High-altitude Pulmonary Edema: Review
Bhagi, S., et al.


Employer Support for Innovative Work and Employeesf Job Satisfaction and Job-related Stress
Raykov, M.

Seasonal Difference in Percutaneous Absorption of N,N-Dimethylformamide as Determined Using Two Urinary Metabolites
Tsuda, Y., et al.

Studies of the Impact of Occupational Exposure of Pharmaceutical Workers on the Development of Antimicrobial Drug Resistance
Sarker, M. M. R., et al.

Relationship between Overtime Work Hours and Cardio-ankle Vascular Index (CAVI): A Cross-sectional Study in Japan
Hata, K., et al.

Time Course of Blood Parameters in Printing Workers with Cholangiocarcinoma
Kumagai, S., et al.

Assessment of Exposure to Voices and Noise via Earphones in Manufacturing Industry Workers in Japan
Nakao, T., et al.

Intention to Stay and Intention to Leave: Are They Two Sides of the Same Coin? A Cross-sectional Structural Equation Modelling Study among Health and Social Care Workers
Nancarrow, S., et al.

Comparison of High-resolution Computerized Tomography with Film-screen Radiography for the Evaluation of Opacity and the Recognition of Coal Workersf Pneumoconiosis
Xing, J., et al.

Field Studies

An Evaluation of the Participatory Action-oriented Training (PAOT) Program in Small Enterprises in Vietnam
Nguyen, T. P., et al.

Case Study

Changes in Laboratory Test Results and Diagnostic Imaging Presentation before the Detection of Occupational Cholangiocarcinoma
Kubo, S., et al.