Journal of Occupational Health Vol.57 No.2 Mar 2015



Scintigraphic assessment of renal function in steel plant workers occupationally exposed to lead
WronLska-Nofer, T., et al.

Contribution of biopsychosocial risk factors to nonspecific neck pain in office workers: A path analysis model
Paksaichol, A., et al.

The association between bronchial anthracofibrosis and pneumoconiosis: A retrospective cross-sectional study
Cho, Y., et al.

Ascorbic acid attenuates acute pulmonary oxidative stress and inflammation caused by zinc oxide nanoparticles
Fukui, H., et al.

Surveys on the competencies of specialist occupational physicians and effective methods for acquisition of competencies in Japan
Mori, K., et al.

Organizational justice and insomnia: Relationships between justice components and insomnia symptoms among private company workers in Japan
Hayashi, T., et al.

Association of goal orientation with work engagement and burnout in emergency nurses
Adriaenssens, J., et al.

Possible production of arsenic hemoglobin adducts via exposure to arsine
Yamauchi, T., et al.

Effect of a brief training program based on cognitive behavioral therapy in improving work performance: A randomized controlled trial
Kimura, R., et al.

Field Study

Research and development where people are exposed to nanomaterials
Imhof, C., et al.

Brief Reports

Tissue distribution of indium after repeated intratracheal instillations of indium-tin oxide into the lungs of hamsters
Tanaka, A., et al.

Effect of workstation height and distance on upper extremity muscle activity during repetitive below-the-knee assembly work
Shin, S.-J., et al.

Promising biological monitoring for occupational 1,2-Dichloropropane exposure by urinalysis for unmetabolized solvent
Kawai, T., et al.

Letters to the Editor

Role of dexamethasone in prevention of high altitude pulmonary edema
Sikri, G.