Journal of Occupational Health Vol.57 No.4 Jul 2015



The association between rotating shift work and increased occupational stress in nurses
Lin, P.-C., et al.

Factors affecting radiation exposure dose in nursing staff during 18F- fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography
Ito, K., et al.

Lung cancer risk in professional drivers in Korea:
A population-based proportionate cancer incidence ratio study
Koh, D.-H., et al.

Risk and preventive factors for heat illness in radiation decontamination workers after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Kakamu, T., et al.

Comparison of chemical risk assessment methods in South Korea and the United Kingdom
Kim, M.-U., et al.

Pulmonary effects in workers exposed to indium metal: A cross-sectional study
Nakano, M., et al.

Dimensionality of the 9-item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale revisited: A Bayesian structural equation modeling approach
Fong, T. C. T., et al.

Estimation of biological occupational exposure limit values for selected organic solvents from logartihm of octarol water partition coefficient
Kawai, T., et al.

Evaluation of urinary cyclohexanediols and cyclohexanol as biomarkers of occupational exposure to cyclohexane
Takeuchi, A., et al.

Psychometric properties of the Thai version of the work ability index (Thai WAI)
Kaewboonchoo, O., et al.

Field study

A field study of exposure to whole-body vibration due to agricultural machines in a full-time rice farmer over one year
Tsujimura, H., et al.

Brief report

Change in organizational justice and job performance in Japanese employees:
A prospective cohort study
Nakagawa, Y., et al.

Recommendation of Occupational Exposure Limits (2015-2016).