Journal of Occupational Health Vol.57 No.6 Nov 2015



Reproductive disorders in hairdressers and cosmetologists: a meta-analytical approach
Henrotin, J.-B., et al.

Review of health issues of workers engaged in operations related to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Hiraoka, K., et al.


New regression model for predicting hand-arm vibration (HAV) of Malaysian Army (MA) three-tonne truck steering wheels
Aziz, S.A.A., et al.

Development and validity of a work functioning impairment scale based on the Rasch model among Japanese workers
Fujino, Y., et al.

Relationship between sickness presenteeism and awareness and presence or absence of systems for return to work among workers with mental health problems in Japan: an Internet-based cross-sectional study
Doki, S., et al.

Determinants of workplace violence against clinical physicians in hospitals
Wu, J.-C., et al.

A trial to find appropriate animal models of dichloropropane-induced cholangiocarcinoma based on the hepatic distribution of glutathione S-transferases
Zhang, L., et al.

Associations of neighborhood-level workplace violence with workersf mental distress problems: a multilevel analysis of Taiwanese employees
Pien, L.-C., et al.

Case Study

Chemical exposure levels in printing and coating workers with cholangiocarcinoma (third report) Yamada, K., et al.

Journal of Occupational Health

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